Affordable Housing

Job Training

  • RISC connected the workforce centers where unemployed and underemployed citizens work to find better jobs with local hospitals, who had 500+ entry-level jobs going unfilled each year. We brought the right people to the table in order to build a pipeline from government-funded and non-profit workforce centers into entry-level healthcare jobs at our region's hospitals. In 2016, RISC pressed HCA Virginia and VCU Health System to recruit and hire through this pipeline. The hospitals committed, and VCU Health has launched a pilot of the pipeline directed at recruiting graduating high school seniors into healthcare careers.

  • Since the program's start in June 2018, 23 low-income job seekers were hired into VCU Health positions and 69 people participated in hospital-sponsored job training workshops

  • Click here to see the Free Press article on the jobs pipeline pilot

  • Click here to see the Times-Dispatch article on the jobs pipeline plans in 2016

Health Care

  • Since 2007, RISC has pressed VCU's Virginia Coordinated Care Program to use its state and federal dollars more efficiently in order to ensure that more low-income uninsured persons have access to primary care. Since RISC began its work, the number of individuals with access to primary care has jumped by more than 20,000 patients.

Preventing School Suspensions


  • In 2010, RISC obtained a commitment from the Richmond Public Schools to ensure that every student suspended multiple times in the same school year receives an individual intervention with parents, teachers, and administrators instead of simply further out of school suspension.

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