2019 Nehemiah Action Assembly!

2019 Nehemiah Action Update

With the power of over 700 organized people from 21 member congregations and dozens of guest congregations, we stood for...

· $2.9 million in funding for Richmond’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund—TRIPLE the amount previously invested each year

· The start of Richmond’s Eviction Diversion Program

· Continuation of proven Reading Mastery curriculum in Richmond Public Schools

*Clarification: The VDOE has already approved Reading Mastery as a literacy curriculum in Virginia schools and other districts under Corrective Action Plans use Reading Mastery. RISC leaders have carefully researched the Corrective Action Plan regulations under which RPS must operate to ensure that commitments we are seeking are aligned with state requirements, and we will continue working with RPS leadership to ensure a successful, high-fidelity implementation that improves student achievement.

Because justice...demands RISC!



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