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Childhood Trauma

All Chesterfield County Public Schools staff will get ACE Interface Trauma Informed Response Training before the first day of school THIS FALL and

CCPS will hire an outside organization to provide in-depth training to the six schools with more than 200 suspensions last year and the highest disparity in suspensions for African-American students with disabilities. Training will be evaluated using a nationally-recognized assessment to measure results.

The RISC Mental Health Committee has scheduled a follow-up meeting with CCPS officials for Tuesday, July 10.



Elementary Reading in Richmond

Because we stood up, we got clear commitments to next steps at the Nehemiah Action from Superintendent Kamras.

On Thursday, June 7th, 10 of us met with the new Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Epp. We are so excited to report that RPS is taking steps toward piloting the proven program Reading Mastery in the Fall of 2018!

Dr. Epp stated that every successful high-poverty school system where she has worked has used Reading Mastery! She outlined clear steps and agreed to provide us monthly progress reports.

We will continue to follow-up over the summer—to make sure schools are identified and the pilot receives approval of the Dept. of Education. We are encouraged and excited that soon, classrooms in our city will be filled with children learning to read to grade level!



Healthcare Job Training

As of June 2018, a pilot of the healthcare jobs pipeline has been launched!

Currently, the pipeline is focused on helping high school seniors access health care careers before they experience unemployment or underemployment. VCU Health has hired a project coordinator to recruit graduating seniors interested in pursuing healthcare careers.

We will continue following up to make sure the other hospital systems are involved and the pipeline reaches more people in need of jobs.

See the Free Press article on the jobs pipeline here:


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