February 2016 RISC Education Update

February 2015 RISC Education Update

There were audible gasps in the school board chamber on January 28th when our 41 people stood up with our red RISC lanyards in support of making sure that all kids in Henrico county (no matter where they live) have the opportunity to read on grade level.  Five RISC members who live in Henrico spoke about our hope for the implementation of a proven curriculum for the 7,729 students that attending schools that are unaccredited in reading in Eastern Henrico!  We all left energized! 

Right after  the school board meeting we re-sent invitations to all of the Henrico School Board members.  All but one of them directed us  to meet with Dr. Kinlaw– Henrico County School Superintendent. We have reached out to Dr. Kinlaw and are working on a meeting with him. 

Our concern is for the thousands of children who primarily live in Eastern Henrico County who are not reading on grade level.

  • 12 out of the 16 elementary schools that failed their reading SOL’s in 2014-15 are located in Eastern Henrico.
  • Of the 16 Henrico County elementary schools that are unaccredited in reading, 13 did not meet the state established benchmark of improvement in the 2014-15 school year.

Our goal is to make sure that every child reads on grade level. We want the Henrico County School Board and Superintendent to consider the reality for the children who cannot read on grade level by third grade; DROP-OUT and JAIL! WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THAT REALITY FOR OUR CHILDREN!

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