Making Meaningful Action Invitations!

1. Introduce RISC "Did you know that our congregation works with other congregations through RISC for root-level justice on initiatives like education, evictions, child trauma response, and job training? Well, we do and I’m a member!"

2. Describe purpose of the Nehemiah Action

What is the Action? The annual Nehemiah Action is a great opportunity to stand for justice with all the members of our congregation. Over 1,200 justiceseekers from dozens of congregations transcend racial, socioeconomic, and religious differences to take action for justice.  

What happens at the Action? We hear the stories of those affected by community problems and secure specific commitments from our local decisionmakers to address the root causes of injustice.

What have we achieved at previous Actions? In the past we have achieved primary healthcare coverage for 30,000 people, affordable housing for more than 1,100 families, the creation of a healthcare jobs pipeline for low-income job-seekers, and a proven reading program for over 2,000 students in RPS!

3. Give date, time, and location

The Nehemiah Action Assembly is on Thursday, May 2nd at 7pm at Good Shepherd Baptist Church, 1127 28th Street. 


*Share info about carpooling as needed.*

4. Connect to their interest in doing justice

I really think you would be interested in attending the Action with me this year because…

• It’s effective! We get clear commitments from public officials

• Unique event – over 1,200 people gathered to do justice from across RVA

• Solidarity – standing with people affected by these problems, asking for change together

• Unity with diverse group from 50+ faith congregations

• Following God’s call to do justice • Following the examples of civil rights heroes who took direct action

• Caring about one of the problems we’ll address, seeing concrete results for our community 

5. Ask them to attend Will you come to the Action with me?

• Give them an Action ticket and postcard or flyer so they can save the date

• Optional: Ask them to sign up at for updates and reminders about the Action

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