March Education Update

“We love our children and we want them to have the opportunity to reach their God-given potential, but they can’t do that if they cannot read.”
-Rev. Brenda Summerset-

We got the latest reading test scores from Henrico County elementary and middle schools. Here are the facts:
7,740 children 1st-8th grade are not reading on grade level in Henrico County Public Schools. That is greater than the entire population of Ashland, VA!
5,191 1st-8th grade children in the Varina and Fairfield districts are not reading on grade level. That is 48% of the students in those districts.
2,549 students in Western Henrico are not reading on grade level.
Of the 16 Henrico County elementary schools that are unaccredited in reading, 13 of them did not meet the state established benchmark of improvement in the 2014-15 school year.
The number of 3rd graders reading on grade level in Eastern Henrico decreased by 11.7% between the Fall of 2013 and the Fall of 2015.
With these numbers we are still hearing from the Henrico school administration that things are “okay”. In her most recent letter to us, School Board Chairperson Micky Ogburn said, “In recent years we have seen great progress and have more children than ever reading on grade level.” However, we are hearing from teachers that the curriculum they have been given will not teach their kids to read! Our children are not reaching their potential because they are not getting the tools they need to succeed.  It is our job to stand for them. If we don’t, who will? 

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