RISC to Address Housing in 2019!

This fall, RISC leaders held 41 house meetings across our 21 member congregations and heard over 500 stories and concerns.

At the Community Problems Assembly, we listened as three RISC members shared stories of their concerns for family members, friends, and themselves. On October 29, over 200 network members voted on the next issue that RISC will tackle.

Housing won the vote and will be our next big initiative in 2019!

Our housing research team will start by reviewing the stories shared during our listening process, and will meet with experts in the field to understand the problem and identify proven solutions.  On April 30, 2019, we will stand together for justice in housing at our Nehemiah Action Assembly. With over 1,000 justice-seekers from across our region and from all faith, race, and income backgrounds, we will seek clear commitments to a proven solution! We have hope for a better future!

RISC addressed housing from 2010-2015 and successfully got Richmond's Mayor and City Council to fund the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, which has served over 1,100 families and seniors to date.  We know that doing justice requires persistence and people power! On our own, none of us can solve the problem of housing, but together we can move mountains!


Get involved in justice for housing:

1. Join the housing research team! Attend the Research Kick-Off on November 19 to get started.

2. Share this news with your congregation and start inviting everyone to attend the Action!

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