RISC August News - What's Next

What's Next for RISC?
House meetings to identify next community problem begin September 18!
As RISC members celebrate exciting results in our elementary reading, child trauma, and healthcare job training initiatives, we know that many more entrenched problems plague the Richmond region and keep our community from being everything it could be.  
What will we tackle together next? Well, that's up to you!  
From September 18-October 14, small groups will gather in RISC congregations across the region. You are invited to participate in one of these house meetings in your congregation! Everyone will have a chance to share their concerns and hopes for family, friends, and the wider community. 
Community problems surfaced during house meetings will be brought to the Community Problems Assembly on October 29 at Ebenezer Baptist Church. At this event, RISC network members will get to vote on the next problem we will address.  
In RISC's 16-year history, areas addressed have included unemployment, drug addiction, mental illness, education, homelessness, crime and violence, healthcare, and child welfare. 
Of course, house meetings are also an unmatched opportunity for building relationships in our congregations and for providing a way to get involved in identifying and implementing solutions to our problems - by becoming a RISC network member!  
Please stay tuned for more info on house meetings in your congregation or reach out to your justice team leader for their meeting date.  Also, check out page 3 for the full list of Listening Process events this fall!
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