RISC Congregations and Leaders Catch the Vision!

RISC Congregations & Leaders Catch the Vision!


5 congregations brought at least one third of their average worship attendance together to do justice at the Nehemiah Action:

Ebenezer Baptist Church

Ginter Park Presbyterian Church  

St. Elizabeth Catholic Church            

Bon Air Presbyterian Church

First Congregational Christian United Church of Christ


4 team leaders in RISC congregations organized their teams to bring at least 24 people to the Nehemiah Action!

Janice Lacy, Ebenezer Baptist Church

Steve Saltzberg, First Unitarian Universalist Church

Renee Fleming Mills, Ebenezer Baptist Church

George Nappier, New Light Baptist Church


79 network members fulfilled their commitment by bringing 3+ people to the Action, helping their congregations catch the vision for justice!



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