RISC News for July 21-23

5 years ago, RISC was featured in the Richmond Times-Dispatch at the beginning of our Affordable Housing initiative. At that time, with 14 congregations, the reporter noted that we “made a formidable show of strength...hundreds of people from Baptist, Presbyterian, Jewish and Catholic congregations packed the Cedar Street Memorial Baptist Church in Church Hill.”

Still, when it came to funding affordable housing, City Council was not convinced it could be done. One councilwoman is quoted saying, “Is it possible to do it? I’m not sure. These are tough economic times.” But because we persisted and brought together the power of diverse, organized people,  we convinced City Council and the Mayor to take action, and now hundreds of families have been assisted with decent, affordable housing!

Today, we are 20 congregations strong, and our mission remains: building a powerful, communal voice to hold local leaders accountable for fair policies and practices, solving root causes of injustice. As we look forward to starting another year (house meetings begin September 19!) of listening, researching, and proclaiming that real solutions are possible,  we hope you’ll reflect on the reasons justice ministry is important to you and your congregation, and the serious community problems you would like to see change to make our community thrive.


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