RISC News for July 7-9

This summer, RISC leaders have been visiting local businesses and corporations headquartered in the Richmond region, sharing our story and the changes that happened because we showed up.

Business leaders have been interested by the jobs pipeline RISC pieced together and concerned about the reading crisis in Henrico County. Some are excited to know there’s an organization that brings the faith community together and solves community problems in a unique, effective way!

We are focused on building relationships with these businesses around our mutual interests. We seek support for our continuing work in elementary reading and childhood trauma, as we know corporate allies can make a meaningful statement to our community’s decision-makers. We also ask for investments—because we bring the power of organized people, and accomplish community improvements that these businesses cannot.

So far, we have commitments from 5 businesses to invest at least $11,500—and we’re not even halfway through our campaign!

If you know a business leader with whom RISC leaders should meet, or want to participate in an upcoming corporate visit, please let your team leader know. Our corporate campaign is a key piece of our investment drive—in addition to asking every network member to make a serious investment of $200, we ask local businesses to invest in improving our community through RISC. We’re building a stronger foundation and relationships of respect with the corporate sector, and look forward to more upcoming meetings.




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