RISC News for June 23-25

In 2010 RISC leaders found that 38,000 Richmond families were paying 50% of their income on housing—an unaffordable rate that often leaves families scrambling to cover other necessary costs. We urged City Council and Mayor Jones to fund a proven solution, an Affordable Housing Trust Fund. City leaders made commitments in 2015 and since then $2.2 million from the city has gone into the Trust Fund. The Trust Fund attracted $78 million from other public and private funding sources, for a total of $80.2 million of affordable housing developments and services! Over 1,100 families, seniors, and formerly homeless individuals have now been assisted with safe, affordable housing. Many new housing developments are already under construction! Our congregations played a crucial part in making this happen! Many shared concerns about housing costs and safety in house meetings, and we remained persistent until we achieved a solution! We're looking ahead to house meetings September 19-October 8, and hope you will attend and share your concerns so that we can continue to seek a community of justice.
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