Current Work

Elementary Reading 

RISC leaders have sought a proven reading curriculum for unaccredited schools where more than 25% of students fail reading since 2014. The Direct Instruction curriculum (also known as SRA Reading Mastery & Corrective Reading) has a 40-year track record of teaching students from all backgrounds to read on grade level.

Following extensive research, consultation of experts, and visits to schools successfully using Direct Instruction, RISC leaders believe this program will provide teachers with best practices to meet the needs of all students.HCPS recently reported successes using this program as an intervention after students fail reading – RISC leaders ask that students are taught with this powerful, proven, interactive tool from the start. 

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Child Trauma

RISC leaders voted overwhelmingly to focus on children's mental health at our Community Problems Assembly in October, 2016. Since then, we have focused on addressing child trauma because trauma is linked to many mental health and behavior problems.

Our overall goal is to keep our kids and their teachers feeling safe and supported. Our kids need care, not crisis! And at our Nehemiah Action in 2018, we got commitments for a district-wide introductory training and intensive support in schools that need it most.

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Click here to see the Times-Dispatch article on the 2018 Nehemiah Action Assembly.

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