Get Involved in RISC


Interested in joining our RISC member congregations to hold house meetings, raise important community problems, and take action for justice? Now is a great time to get involved - call the RISC Office at (804) 476-0889!

RISC is a vehicle for large numbers of congregations to work together to identify common community problems and then powerfully hold systems accountable to solve them. Starting in September 2018, RISC congregations will hold over 50 small-group house meetings to answer the questions, "What keeps you up at night?" and "Among your family and close friends, who are you worried about? Why?" The stories shared in these meetings will determine the problem that we take on to address at the root level.

RISC member congregations believe that we have a right and responsibility to build power for justice with our congregations. Many of us have been raised up to believe that we are not worthy to shape decisions in the public arena; that we should hand it over to “experts”. But the most serious community problems—lack of housing, poor schools, predatory lending, arresting children—have to be addressed in terms of broken systems. These systems have the power to solve community problems. And as individuals and individual congregations, we lack the power to hold them accountable for just policies and fair distribution of resources.


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