Congregation Membership in RISC

RISC is RVA's powerful community of congregations standing together for justice. Our membership is based in congregations and faith communities, and we are always glad to welcome new members! Please see below for the process of a congregation to join RISC, and contact us for more information at (804) 476-0064 or

Individual congregation members - you are always welcome at RISC events, even if your congregation is not yet a member! Check out a RISC event, get involved in research, and bring other members of your congregation with you - this is usually how congregations first learn about and start the process to join RISC. We hope you'll join us - we are always stronger together!

Not a congregation member? You'll always be welcomed at RISC events. We hope to see you soon!


Membership in RISC - Process for Congregations

  1. Let's Meet! Arrange a meeting with your congregation’s clergy member (or other congregation leadership) and RISC staff or Board Members to begin the discernment process.


  1. Learn: Encourage your congregation’s members, particularly leadership, to learn more about RISC by either…
    1. Attending a Rethinking Justice Workshop or neighborhood info session (held at various times of the year, please contact the RISC office for details)
    2. Hosting an info session in your congregation


  1. Discern: Gather a group of interested congregation members (typically 5-10 people and ideally including clergy and congregation leaders) to shadow the RISC process. 1-2 group members should serve as coordinators, receiving support from RISC staff throughout the program year:
    1. Fall: Group members hold a house meeting to share concerns and attend the Community Problems Assembly to witness the problem-selection process
    2. Winter: At least 1-2 group members participate in research teams; all group members stay informed on progress of research
    3. Spring: Group members attend the Justice Rally and invite 6+ congregation members with them to the Nehemiah Action Assembly (with goal that 3+ attend with each member)
    4. Summer: Group members attend the Justice Celebration and meet with congregation’s decision-making body to share experiences and process membership in RISC


  1. Decide: Congregation’s clergy and decision-making body process membership in RISC, which requires the following commitments:
    1. Preach, teach, plan, and work toward the vision to turn out at least our average weekly worship attendance once a year to the RISC Nehemiah Action Assembly.
    2. Build an effective Justice Network - involving a broad representation of our congregation in a process of building relationships, investigating issues, developing leaders, and solving the issues which affect them and the community.
    3. Invest in the financial sustainability of our organization through the annual payment of dues and involvement in the congregation investment drive.
    4. Elect two leaders in our congregation to serve as members of the RISC Board of Directors, guiding the governance of the organization in quarterly meetings.


  1. Celebrate! Sign the RISC Covenant at a network-wide event (Community Problems Assembly, Justice Rally, or Justice Celebration) and be welcomed into the RISC community of justice-seekers!

Ready to get started? Contact us – (804) 476-0064 or




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