Every fall, each congregation holds small group meetings to discuss their hopes and concerns. 

In 22 congregations across the Richmond region and representing a diverse range of religious, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds, we all answer the question, "Among your family or close friends, who do you worry about? Why?" The result is always a heartfelt and relational discussion of the ways we are all impacted by problems in our community. 

House meetings of 8-10 people are also a great opportunity to build relationships within our congregations. During house meetings, the host also invites each person to participate in RISC as a network member. Network members multiply our impact by bringing at least 3 people to the Nehemiah Action once a year. They also attend events throughout the year to stay informed in the work of justice, and have the opportunity to invest financially and participate on research teams.


Over 300 RISC members participated in Fall 2016. Dozens of people told heartbreaking stories of how their children and grandchildren struggled with mental illness. Several high schoolers shared that they lost friends to suicide.

After hearing these stories, RISC leaders gather at the annual Community Problems Assembly to hear testimonies from those personally affected and vote on a problem that we will tackle as a collective group. In 2016, 200 RISC leaders voted to address children’s mental health.

This year on October 29, 2018 at our Community Problems Assembly, all network members from RISC member congregations will gather to vote on the next issue to address! 


Click here to learn about the next step in our process, Research.

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