Nehemiah Action

RISC's 15th Annual Nehemiah Action Assembly was May 1, 2017, with 920 people from over 50 congregations in attendance to see justice roll down!

What happens at the Nehemiah Action?


We ask local decision-makers to make clear commitments for fair, effective policies that solve serious community problems. We follow-through to see results like affordable housing for 1,100 families & healthcare for 30,000 people!


Solidarity in Practice

Stand WITH people in our community who are impacted by community problems—unequal education, child trauma, unemployment—and join your voice 

with theirs to achieve change!



RISC members meet with decision-makers before the Action. However, because we ask for clear commitments to serious problems and because decision-makers can react negatively, we might feel uncomfortable or tense. Feeling tension is okay—it’s a sign of growth!


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