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Get Ready for Action with RISC!

Bring AT LEAST 3 People with Me to the Nehemiah Action! One step we can ALL take to build the power of organized people and stand effectively for justice! Make sure to invite at least 6 people so 3 attend with you! Attend/Speak at Richmond City Council Meetings Show our support for proven affordable housing & evictions solutions!  Monday, April 8, 6:00pm  Monday, April 22, 6:00pm Meet with Richmond City Council Members & Mayor Join the RISC evictions team in meeting with all City Council members & Mayor Stoney to prepare for the Nehemiah Action Attend Reading Mastery Forum

Justice Rally Draws 265 Justice-Seekers!

Thanks to all who joined us on Monday, March 25 to get informed, organized, and energized for the May 2nd Nehemiah Action Assembly! We heard from 2 excellent guest speakers about eviction and affordable housing; heard the latest news & action strategy for our evictions, elementary reading, & child trauma response initiatives; and built relationships with justice-seekers from across RVA! For more photos from the Justice Rally please visit

Bring 3+ to the Nehemiah Action Assembly!

1. Create a list of 6+ people you know and invite them to the Nehemiah Action by April 5, 2019!  Use the Nehemiah Action Invitation Template to help make meaningful, engaging invitations! Make sure to invite others in a way that speaks to their interest in doing justice and creating rootlevel change in our community. Ask for a clear response to your invitation, and create a plan for following up.

2. Give each guest who says “yes!” an Action ticket and save the date card and (optionally) ask them to sign up for an Action pass and updates at

Making Meaningful Action Invitations!

1. Introduce RISC "Did you know that our congregation works with other congregations through RISC for root-level justice on initiatives like education, evictions, child trauma response, and job training? Well, we do and I’m a member!"

2. Describe purpose of the Nehemiah Action

Welcome Southminster Presbyterian Church!

At this year's Community Problems Assembly we were thrilled to welcome Southminster Presbyterian into RISC membership! 

18 members from SPC participated in the covenant ceremony and were welcomed by the RISC community! 

Interested in getting your congregation involved in RISC? 

Take the first step to discern membership—meet with RISC staff or board members to learn more and set up an info session for your congregation. 

Email: Phone: (804)476-0889



Since our 2018 Nehemiah Action Assembly where 840 justice-seekers declared, "We want our children to read, so they can succeed!" our wish is coming true! 

Throughout the summer, the RISC Education Team worked with RPS leaders to press for a pilot of the proven program Reading Mastery as a core curriculum in Fall 2018. With a new Superintendent and Cabinet coming on board, it was a stretch to get the program in place in 2018. 

RISC to Address Housing in 2019!

This fall, RISC leaders held 41 house meetings across our 21 member congregations and heard over 500 stories and concerns.

At the Community Problems Assembly, we listened as three RISC members shared stories of their concerns for family members, friends, and themselves. On October 29, over 200 network members voted on the next issue that RISC will tackle.

Housing won the vote and will be our next big initiative in 2019!

How Can I Get Involved in RISC?

How to Sign Up:

1. Sign Up Here!

2. Talk with your congregation’s team leaders

3. Contact the RISC Office:, (804) 476-0889

4. Attend the RISC Research Kick-Off on November 19 


Bring 3+ People to the Nehemiah Action Assembly on Tuesday, April 30, 2019!

Join RISC's Research Kick-Off!

Join us on Monday, November 19 at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church (1627 Monument Ave) to kick-off the research season! 
5:30pm Dinner & RISC Q&A - new to RISC or just want to grab dinner with fellow justice-seekers? Come early for fellowship & casual discussion.
6:30pm Research Kick-Off Begins!

Community Problems Assembly


Thanks to all who joined us on Monday, October 29 to vote on the next community problem we'll address together; hear exciting updates on our current work; build community with fellow justice-seekers!

For more photos from the Community Problems Assembly please visit


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