Upcoming Events

September 18-October 14

Small-Group Listening Meetings

Share your concerns for your friends, family, and community

Build relationships with others in your congregation

Learn how you can be part of the solution by doing justice with RISC!

Small groups will meet in each RISC member congregation to share concerns, which will be collected and will inform the community problems that RISC may address in the coming year.

Want to find a house meeting near you? Call or email the RISC office - (804) 476-0889 or riscoffice@gmail.com.


Monday, October 15, 6:30pm

House Meeting Report-Back & Community Problems Primary

All house meeting hosts gather to share the community problems voiced in their small groups and vote on the top community problems surfaced in house meetings across the region.

3-4 community problems will be brought to the network-wide assembly on October 29 for a final vote by all RISC members!

This event will also include a workshop on intentional one-to-one conversations, which guide our network-building process throughout the winter months.


Monday, October 29, 6:30pm

Community Problems Assembly

The next RISC community-wide event!

Vote on the next community problem RISC will take on based on stories shared in our house meetings!

Hear updates on our initiatives & get involved in research!

Celebrate new congregations joining RISC!


Monday, November 19, 6:30pm

Research Kick-Off!

Learn key strategies and tools for research 
Dive into narrowing down the problem and identifying workable solutions 


Be part of the dynamic, exciting process of action-oriented research! 

















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